Did you know Baragar Realty doesn't charge their buyers a commission? Search the available homes on the market and give us a call!


Selling with Baragar Realty allows you to deal broker direct! Find out more and check your homes value instantly.


WARNING! Listing with the wrong agent can cost you not only precious time, but thousands of dollars. There is nothing worse than getting trapped in a lengthy listing contract with the wrong agent. You could get stuck for months without a way out.

Fortunately, you have a choice: Mark offers a hassle-free listing contract with “Easy Exit” no-questions-asked simple cancellation guarantee. Either you are completely happy with his service and results, or the listing contract is canceled. Not just withdrawn, as offered by many others as a gimmick, but completely terminated, end of story. Easy and simple. And in writing.


Who answers the buyer inquires on your home? This is the main reason that many Realtors are leaving the bigger companies. The listing agent rarely receives the buyer inquiry on your home because that lead goes to whichever agent is answering inquires for the day (almost always rookie agents). This is how these agents grow their business, but you as the seller, along with your agent, suffer because these people don’t know anything about your home and have no motivation to sell YOUR home. Try it right the company that you are considering listing with to see how they handle your call. I bet it will change your mind about considering them?

We have only one contact for inquires. You can rest assure knowing that I will personally speak with your potential buyer.

Are there corporate restrictions regarding marketing and transaction structuring? Not at Baragar Realty. We advertise on more websites than many of the bigger companies because we don’t have restrictions. Our listings are actually listed on all these bigger company sites as well!

Will my listing compete with other company listings for advertising dollars? Most of the larger companies have budgets in place, so there is only so much to go around each month. We custom market/advertise for maximum reach for each of our listings.

Which is better...a team or individual Realtor?

  • Do you care that the team sells over 100 homes per year, or only if they sell YOUR home?
  • Do you want one agent to contact and be personally responsible, or someone different at each stage of your transaction?
  • Do you want one person to know all the facts of your transaction, or have to locate the “correct” person on the team?
  • Do you want one person to express your needs and concerns to, or have to locate the “correct” person on the team and hope that they care?
  • Do you want to be concerned if a team member leaves in the middle of your transaction?

I’ve done both in the past…

I worked at RE/MAX my first 15 years in the business. I had a team of six people selling more homes than most Realtors in West Michigan. I learned that you simply can’t remember all of your clients, prospects, and details working as a team which causes the client to feel forgotten. You spend all your time trying to get more listings to help make payroll, expenses and keep everyone busy. You also can’t make a team member put their heart and soul into their work when their performance doesn’t ultimately dictate success or failure.

Baragar Realty is a father and son real estate brokerage boutique located in the heart of 49505 that offers something different from the industry norm. Our fearless nature keeps us on the cutting edge, far from big franchise corporate bureaucracy and the indistinguishable approach of most Realtors


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